RS X Blowback/Backfire

RS X Blowback/Backfire

Eli has a tendency to chew with his mouth open. I think it is a Japanese thing, like slurping noodles. He tells me it taste better that way.

As most would probably agree, the UFO craze ended by 2000. You go into bookstores such as Borders or Barnes & Noble and you find a shelf or two at most devoted to speculation that includes UFOs. Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena doesn’t even have one UFO book. Why the change? I suspect the military found themselves up to their necks in blowback and backfire.

Blowback is a term used by intelligence agencies to describe a situation in which disinformation returns to its source (the disinformer) in a slightly altered form. The disinformer or his or her agency now believes the disinformation is information. Just such a scenario occurred in the late 1970s as described by Howard Blum in “Out There,” when a secret military working group investigated UFO claims. Blowback probably prompted the President of the US, Bill Clinton, to ask his buddy Hubbell, who he sent to the Justice Department, to find out the truth about UFOs. According to Webb Hubbell in “Friends in high places …,” when he was Assistant Attorney General he and Bill Clinton were not satisfied with the answers they were getting from NORAD about the UFO issue. If the CIA Motto, “The Truth Will Set You Free,” is correct then disinformation will bind your freedom.

Instead of simply covering black budget programs with UFO disinformation, it backfired. They generated an almost religious fanaticism (Heaven’s Gate kind of folks) for the subject. After Robert Lazar, who briefly worked at Area 51 in 1989 made claims that he saw alien back engineered flying saucers at the bases S4 facility, thousands of people flocked to this otherwise unknown and top secret base. They shouldn’t have told Lazar the technology was alien. I’m quite certain he saw flying saucers but the technology probably originated in Nazi Germany.

They remedied their problems at Area 51 cleverly, thanks to Glen Campbell and their seizing large tracks of land along the border to the base in 1995. The excitement of it all settled down and now Area 51 is not even newsworthy.

But I believe the disinformation program continued for a few more years. Insiders like Michael Wolf (purportedly NSC), Dan Sherman (AF-NSA) and Lt. Col. Phillip Corso (AF intelligence). I absolutely destroyed Wolf’s credibility by conducting a background investigation that found his real surname was Kruvant. The reason I am so sure his story was disinformation is because when I contacted Georgetown University to verify his education, it immediately got back to him and he made inquires about me to the Director of MUFON in Los Angeles. Kruvant has since died, his last act to write a very strange book, “Catchers of Heaven.”

A similar set of circumstances occurred with Phillip Corso. Having had a long career in military intelligence, in retirement and shortly before he died he wrote “The Day After Roswell” in which he claimed he distributed alien technology from the Roswell crash to the private sector for development. There wasn’t a piece of this supposed alien technology that didn’t have a long history of development. There wasn’t one sliver of original thought in the book. Like Kruvant, he is dead now. A last act of disinformation for god and country. And it makes it kind of hard to question these guys now since they are dead.

So much has changed in the last decade I believe it would be difficult to sustain a prolonged alien disinformation campaign. With the discovery of more than 200 extrasolar planets the possibility of discovering life away from earth is increasingly likely. The myth may become reality. An the lie that a single stage to orbit spacecraft is too difficult to develop was smashed by a low budget Spaceship 1 built by Bert Rutan. But there are disinformation hanger ons such as Linda Moulton Howe. I’d guess she now does it more for profit than anything else. Of course they (military disinformers) were probably doing if for money too, without oversight.

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RS IX “Quis custodiet ipso custodes”

RS IX “Quis custodiet ipso custodes”

I Called Eli last night to let him know I start work Monday morning. He wasn’t home so I left a message. Must keep him up to date.

Roughly translated, “Quis custodiet ipso custodes” translates to, “Who will guard the guards?”

I’ve looked at this whole black budget, crazy mix of UFOs and disinformation from about every angle I could think of. I’ve concluded that first, there is some circumstantial evidence for alien visitors from the past and second, the contemporary UFO arena is so clogged with intentionally disseminated disinformation any evidence for contemporary alien visitors is highly suspect.

What has been the disinformers agenda for over fifty years?

1. Encourage US public belief in contemporary UFO.

(Roswell, Robert Lazar, Michael Wolf, Dan Sherman, Lt. Col. Phillip Corso, Linda Moulton Howe-to name a few and the admission by the CIA in an historical research paper written by Haines in 1998 that they used UFO disinformation to cover assets.)

2. Discredit UFO beliefs as unscientific and set the scientific community at odds with the general public.

(from Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook, page 17: “Listen,” he said (talking to Cook), “there are no facts in this field (antigravity propulsion); the whole business, if you want to know, is riven with disinformation, much of it, in my opinion, deliberately orchestrated. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to surface and when you do, some of that crazy UFO spin is going to have to rub off on you. This happens and you’ll never again eat lunch in this great industry of ours.” (aerospace industry)

3. Claim military disinterest to UFOs and support views that show any possible aliens as weak and vulnerable.

(Roswell, Project Blue Book, various statements by military spokespersons. Contrary to the fact that they are constantly monitoring space from earth)

These guys, the men in black or whoever they are, have undoubtedly spent many tens of millions of dollars disinforming the US population about UFOs. For what? The simple satisfaction of being able to deceive? I remember the smirk on Bill Moore’s face when he said something like it served the New Mexico physicist right that he went insane after he and Doty targeted him, because he was snooping where he shouldn’t have.

We average citizens are not accomplished spies with enormous technical intelligence capabilities. But the former USSR, Israel, China, France and many other countries had or have those capabilities. While the MIBs may fool us, it seems less likely they fooled our enemies or other foreign militarys. What is the point of disinforming the citizens in your own country? Should we consider it a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibits our military from using force against its citizens? If you need to hide some why not just hide it good? Instead, the public has been socially engineered as if we were potential enemies. We are not the enemy. We pay their wages. There must be a reason.

Could it be money, money hidden in black budget programs without a shred of oversight?

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RS VIII Dogon +

RS VIII Dogon +

Eli’s first baseball glove, which I picked out for him from a Big 5, was too large and heavy. He used a smaller glove that his uncle bought him. After one season he grew into the larger glove. But since he became a catcher his uncle bought him a catchers mitt. I used to warm him up before games and we used the large glove and the catchers mitt. I enjoyed that very much.

From Broca’s Brain by Carl Sagan, published by Random House, Inc. in 1974, beginning page 69:

“With one apparent exception, there are no stories sufficiently detailed to dispose of other explanations and sufficiently accurate to portray correctly modern physics or astronomy to a prescientific or pretechnical people. The one exception is the remarkable mythology surrounding the star Sirius that is held by the Dogon people of the Republic of Mali.

The most striking aspects of Dogon astronomy have been recounted by Marcel Griaule … while there is no reason to doubt Griaule’s account, it is important to note that there is no earlier Western record of the remarkable Dogon folk beliefs …

In contrast to almost all prescientific societies, the Dogon hold that the planets as well as the earth rotate about their axes and revolve about the Sun … They hold that Jupiter has four satellites and that Saturn is encircled by a ring. … the Dogon are said to depict the planets moving correctly in elliptical, not circular orbits.

More striking still is the Dogon belief about Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. They contend that it has a dark and invisible companion star which orbits Sirius once every fifty years. They state that the companion star is very small and very heavy, made of a special metal called “Sagala” which is not found on earth.

The remarkable fact is that the invisible star, Sirius A, does have an extraordinary dark companion, Sirius B, which orbits it in an elliptical orbit once each 50.04 years. Sirius B is the first example of a white dwarf discovered by modern astrophysics.”

Sagan then goes on to speculate how the Dogon came about having this knowledge. He states that Bessel, an astronomer, in 1844 deduced a dark companion for Sirius in a 50 year orbit due to a 50 year wobble in the sinusoidal motion of Sirius A. Sirius B was later observed and the observation was confirmed in 1915. Identifying Sirius B as very heavy was not proposed until the mid 1930’s and at that it was met with considerable skepticism. In an attempt to rationalize this remarkable Dogon knowledge he speculates that Griaule may have been aware of this discovery and that may have influenced his research.

To my mind, this seems an unlikely mistake for a seasoned cultural anthropologist. Furthermore, in the late 1960’s Dieterlen was interviewed for a television show and she stated that she has seen carving estimated to be 400 years old that depict the Sirius myth. Sagan’s examination of the Dogon myth was limited to their astronomical observations from a third hand source, Temple, and apparently he never examined the original or second hand source from Griaule. If one speculates the myths were actually derived from their contact with the Nummo, it would stand to reason that they might have other unique, detailed knowledge.

Ironsmiths hold a special status in Dogon society. And, until recently, they were required to make an annual pilgrimage to Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana. Lake Bosumtwi is considered a sacred place and the location where the first ironsmith initiate learned ironsmithing from the Nummo. The lake is considered equally sacred by other groups including the Bambara and the Maliniki tribes who, according to the Dogon, originated with them from the same group.

The Dogon knew, in the 1940’s, that Lake Bosumtwi was formed by a meteor impact and they described it in great detail including the direction and angle of entry of the meteor. Modern geologists, however, did not even seriously speculate that the lake was formed by a meteor impact until 1979 largely because it is situated in a dense jungle forest that limited access to the lake. (see ). The debate went back and forth for years as to whether or not the lake was formed by an impact until recent evidence positively confirmed its meteor origins dated to 1.07 million years ago.

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RS VII Dogon

RS VII Dogon

On the 20th I was sitting in my car at a Target in Pasadena when someone yelled, “Byron.” I turned around to look and at first didn’t recognize who was calling me. He yelled again and I realized it was Eli in the passenger seat of his mother’s car. Eli does not live in Pasadena. One strange coincidence that we would both be there at that instant.

How does one distinguish written or verbal information from disinformation? Disinformation commonly lacks detail. Rather than state simple facts that led to a conclusion, emotions are elicited using defamatory statements. In the absence of these statements there is little fact to substantiate a purported conclusion. A wonderful example, and more to the point, can be found in a book titled, “Dogon: African People of the Cliff,” written by Walter E. A. von Beek published in 2001 by Harry Abrams. It is an oversized book with glossy photographs.

Walter E. A. von Beek, PhD. Utreck University, is a professor of cultural anthropology at Utreck University, The Netherlands, and a research fellow at the African Studies Centre in Leiden. A first clue to his motivations is found when examining other material he has written. A quick search of the Internet found he has written: “Quest for Purity, Dynamics of Puritian Movements,” “Pathways to Fundamentalism: The peculiar case of Mormonism,” a review of “A Comparative Exercise in Mormon Theology,” and various writings on John Smith. His review of “A Comparative Exercise in Mormon Theology ends by von Beek stating, ” …This book is not only a must for everyone who takes Mormon studies seriously, but also for anyone interested in Mormon theology …” Not exactly the kind of thing a professor of cultural anthropology ordinarily writes.

In Chapter Five of “Dogon: African People of the Cliffs,” page 103, paragraph three he states, “The Dogon have no creation myth, no deep story relating how the world came into being. (An anthropologist some decades ago probed his informants for creation myths so insistently that the Dogon, polite as ever, obligingly produced them. Some of his publications still in print tourist guides perpetuate this mistake.)”

Vague details and defamatory. The unnamed anthropologist referred to by von Beek was Marcel Griaule. Griaule never wrote a “tourist guide.” He was a dedicated and serious anthropologist who dedicated his life to anthropological research. After working in Abyssinia from 1928 to 1929, and Dankar and Dijbouti from 1931 to 1933, he made three expeditions between 1935 and 1939 to Mali, Cameron and Chad. Between 1946 and 1956 he continued his research in Mali studying the Dogon accompanied by a fellow anthropologist, Germaine Dieterlen.

The Dogon are believed to have originally come from Egypt. They migrated west to Libyia and afterwards south to Ghana. In 1050 Islam was introduced into West Africa. Over time large populations were converted to Islam, but the Dogon resisted and as a result were probably persecuted. The Dogon, according to Griaule, claimed responsibility for protecting a secret knowledge.

In 1240 the Dogon ended their vassalage to the powerful Empire of Ghana. Between 1307 and 1333 they were driven westward to central Mali where they finally settled in the Bandiagara Cliffs. The Bandiagara Cliffs stretch for 120 miles with adjacent savannas. From 1330 until the early 20th century the Dogon were isolated from neighboring peoples. Their language Dogon, is classified a Voltaic of the Niger-Kordofanian Family, subgroups Niger-Congo. The Dogon have never claimed special status and they have never proselytized their beliefs, nor have they been negatively influenced by their beliefs. Their special knowledge must be earned and even the average Dogon is not allowed total access to this knowledge.

In 1903 Louis Desplagnes, a French anthroplogist briefly studied the Dogon. It was not until Griaule began his research in the late 1930 and especially between 1946 and 1956 that they were studied seriously. In October 1946 Griaule was summoned by a Dogon priest (Hogon)named Ogotemmeli of Lower Ogol to his house for 33 consecutive days. In those 33 consecutive days he was told much of the secret Dogon knowledge. In 1947 Griaule published “la parole de face,” (the pale fox), “the simple knowledge of the Dogon.” In 1965 Griaule and Deieterlen’s “Conversations with Ogotemmeli, An Introduction to Dogon Ideas,” was published by Oxford University Press and in 1967 it was published in English.

According to Ogotemmeli, stars came from pellets of earth like material flung into the space of the God, Amma. The sun, like other stars is in a sense a pot raised to white heat and surrounded by spirals of red copper with 8 turns. The sun was heated 1/4 at a time.

The earth is like a human body and compared to a termite mound, female below and male above. Amma threw off the male (cut the top of the termite mound) and had intercourse with the female. From the union came the jackel. The earth was scorched and barren.

Amma had intercourse with the earth a second time and water, which is the divine seed, was able to enter the womb of the earth and normal reproduction began. From that union came twins. They are spirits called Nummo. (also known as Nommo and Nomo.)

Nummo are born of water and the Dogon word for water is synonymous with Nummo. Nummo are described as 1/2 human from head to loin and 1/2 fish serpent below that. They have red eyes, forked tongues, sleek shinning bodies and an unpleasant odor.

According to Ogotemmeli the Nummo came down to earth in a vessel along with fire and thunder while a red star appeared in the sky emitting red flames. They came to earth as 4 sets of twins to put an end to disorder with fibers pulled from plants already created in heavenly regions, ten bunches of fibers corresponding to ten fingers. They settled their craft in a swamp since they preferred to lay in water.

RS VI Complex Disinformation

RS VI Complex Disinformation

I will wait to say more about Eli until after we meet.

Up to this point I have kept the subject of disinformation simple. In its real life form it is far more complex and sophisticated. It is not unlike what is referred to in art as figure ground ambiguity. Our eyes are designed by nature to see certain relationships that enhance our ability to make judgements about reality. For example, closer objects tend to be more detailed, textured and exhibit greater color saturation. Reverse the figure to ground relationship and close objects appear far and far objects appear close.

The following couple of paragraphs are from a partially completed story I wrote about the use of disinformation. The details are based on real life proposals to the military for weather manipulation. In the story the US military gets wind of the fact that an invasion of Taiwan by the Chinese is imminent and they need to develop a plan to stall the invasion so they will have time to assume a tactical response position. A General asks his researcher about his plan and the researcher responds:

“Virtual weather patterns could be created using nanotechnology, microscopic particles that communicate with each other and larger central systems. We want to create a simulated weather condition so the Chinese believe poor weather conditions between China and Taiwan make it undesirable to launch an invasion at this time.

We can launch an ADV (Aerospace Delivery Vehicle) in eight hours. It will carry CHEM SC (Chemical Smart Cloud) nanotechnology. We’ve done the COMP MOD (computer modeling). We will add CBD Sensors (Carbon Black Dust Sensors) to prevent them from surveilling our nanoparticle communications.”

“Let’s do it,” replies General Mayle enthusiastically. “You think it will work?”

“The idea is to alter their perception of reality. They won’t have any reason to consider falsifiability validations of their computer models since they have long since been proven accurate for a two to five day modeling of weather. No counter factuals will arise in their data. They will simply respond by standing down until either weather data simulations prove their perceived data as incorrect, or they become suspicious after direct observation negated their predictions. Either way we will buy some time.”

There are patterns to constructing disinformation sequences. They start with an argument generally followed by a proposal and then the action necessary to bring it to fruition. In the situation demonstrated above the argument is that the Chinese will postpone their invasion of Taiwan if they feel weather conditions are bad. The proposal is to simulate bad weather conditions. The action involves the actual launching of an ADV carrying a CHEM SC with added CBD Sensors.

Most people have heard of Occam’s Razor. Occam’s Razor simply states that the most likely explanation for an event is the simplest one barring other physical evidence. In the situation I described above, Occam’s Razor dictates the weather conditions are bad in the strait between China and Taiwan. But the Chinese would be wrong if they believed it.

For explanations of events that are not constructed disinformation, Occam’s Razor is useful. Constructed disinformation counts on the use of Occam’s Razor to deceive.

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RS V Disinformation

RS V Disinformation

I have not been able to contact Eli more than a couple of times since New Years. I pray he be well.

Disinformation, not to be confused with “misinformation,” is defined as a dissemination of deliberately false information.

The more I researched black budget programs the more I realized disinformation played a fundamental role. And amid the clamour, by remaining silent or disinterested in certain information, the black budget guys promoted certain ideas, like aliens.

Real alien visitors, past or present, represents a serious threat to national security. What chance would a fledgling civilization, barely a few thousand years old, have against a civilization capable of interstellar travel, perhaps a civilization 100, 000 years old. None. Our trust in government, our willingness to pay taxes and follow laws is based first and foremost on our government’s ability to protect us. I can state uncategorically, as powerful as our military might seem, without intervention by a visiting alien race our civilization would change unalterably or collapse out right. This supposition is supported by think tanks such as the Brookings Institute that point out the fate of less advanced civilizations coming into contact with more advanced civilizations, only by small degrees compared to what would happen with a truly advanced civilization. In every case the less advanced civilization loses.

Movies such as Independence Day or Men in Black poke fun at aliens as advanced and mean, yet ridiculously funny and easily defeated. Who will ever forget Will Smith’s comment, “Welcome to earth,” as he slugs an alien in the head. Very funny. Very naive. Commensurate with the release of Independence Day, Highway 395 that runs north from Las Vegas past Area 51 was renamed E.T. Highway.

A little more sophisticated, and one of the first contemporary disinformation ploys occurred in 1947, at Roswell. Oh yeah, sure we shot down an alien spacecraft or it malfunctioned after traveling light years through interstellar space. Not likely. More likely it was a Navy aircraft being tested, not something from Project Mogul that didn’t even start until years later. This was followed by denials of the very information they released. They set the stage and played both sides, one against the other. And they are still doing it today. Vulnerable aliens, we (the military) can handle it. Oh yes, what you see in the sky that is unrecognizable must be alien, not black budget programs.

Thank you Bill Moore and Stanton Friedman for playing one side, and Phillip Klass and Carl Sagan (although probably unwittingly) for playing the other. All poppycock except for the fact that both sides might be right and wrong to some degree. Perfect disinformation blends truth and lies.

The more important disinformation in 1947 was a book written by the famous rocket engineer, Willy Ley, who immigrated to the US from Germany in 1933. Paperclip was still a deep secret. Ley was working with Von Braun at White Sands, NM further developing the very sophisticated German V2 that terrorized Britain during the war when he wrote, “Pseudoscience in Naziland.” In it he discredited the Nazis for searching for Vril in their spare time. I don’t call the V2, jet engines, and Heisenberg’s attempt to sustain a nuclear reaction for use as power as pseudoscience. Nor would I consider hovercraft, flying wings (Horten brothers) or the Bell Experiment pseudoscience. You just don’t take over 80 scientists and technicians into an empty field and shoot them dead for negative results on an experiment, especially considering the war was virtually over.

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RS IV Mercury

RS IV Mercury

I tried exposing Eli to as many new experiences as possible. In 2004 I took him to Mexico. He was astonished by the poverty and the conditions that the indigenous people live under. But while in Mexico he was allowed to drive a quad on the beach. He loved it. When he got a chance to go to the Philippines last year, he jumped at it.

Having established the details of the Nazi Bell experiment and the probability that the Nazis sought to engineer a puspaka, one might question whether there is, ” …. power latent in the mercury… ” as described in the Samaranyana Sutradhara.

Hg is the modern chemical symbol for mercury. The element was named after the Roman god Mercury, known for speed and mobility. Interestingly, the god Mercury was depicted with wings on his feet. The element mercury is unique among the elements in many ways.

Arguably, the most important discovery of the 20th century was the discovery of superconductivity. It was discovered in 1911 by Heike Onnes while studying the electrical resistance of solid mercury at cryogenic temperatures using the recently discovered liquid helium as a refrigerant. At a temperature of 4.2 K he observed that the electrical resistance suddenly disappeared. For his discovery he was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1913.

In 1993 Dr. Ulker Onbasli at the University of Colorado and a team of scientists in Zurich, Switzerland simultaneously synthesised ceramic superconductors with the highest transition temperatures, the world record of 138 K . The superconductors are composed of mercuric-cuprates.

The attributes of superconductivity include exactly zero electrical resistance, the exclusion of the interior magnetic field and superfluidity. An electrical current flowing in a loop of superconducting wire can persist indefinitely with no power source. The exclusion of an interior magnetic field (Meissner Effect) causes a magnet suspended above a superconductive disk to levitate. Superfluidity allows liquids to overcome the force of gravity and friction.

As a propulsion devise the vaporized form of mercury can be used in a mesoparticle accelerator. It was proposed by G. Landis in 1989 to allow accelerated mercury atoms to coalesce into droplets en route. In 1996 Bishop proposed the “Starseed/Launcher” accelerator. By ganging many thousands of these devices together, several grams per second can be fired in nearly continuous, collimated matter beams, at speeds from a few meters per second, to some fraction of lightspeed. The receiver on board the spacecraft may be as simple as a pusher plate or may incorporate particle ionization and magnetic mirroring (Singer 1980).

I have a physicist friend who is a manager for Project Prometheus at JPL/NASA in Pasadena. The goal of the project is to drop a probe into the icy surface of Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter believed to have oceans beneath the ice that may harbor life. On board the spacecraft will be a nuclear reactor and an ion propulsion engine. An ion engine is an electric system that obtains the highest degree of conversion of electric power into trust. The gas used to propel this type of engine can be the vaporized form of mercury.

Indeed, “By means of the power latent in mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky,” is not only possible, but actually in use today. This raises a knotty question. How in the heck were authors of ancient Indian texts able to describe a useful spacecraft so accurately? A lucky guess by dozens of authors, coincidence or were their gods actually aliens? Either way, it makes an excellent foundation for disinformation.



At about age 4 or 5 Eli began drawing incredibly complex pictures with dozens of figures that that went from edge to edge and top to bottom, filling the page. Most of his pictures were epic battle scenes.

The reason for writing the last two blogs was to show that it is reasonable to believe the Nazis would have tried to build their own puspaka. And, that is the gist of Nick Cook’s, “The Hunt for Zero Point.”

The “Hunt For Zero Point,” describes Nick Cook’s personal quest to discover secret Nazi weapons, weapons that were confiscated by the US military following WWII and subsequently hidden in black budget programs for development. Much of his book is about the now well documented Nazi flying saucers, disk shaped aircraft and antigravity. Toward the end of the book he is led to the location of a secret Nazi facility in Czechoslovakia. During WWII scientists conducted research there now know as the Bell Experiment. “The Bell consisted of two counter-rotating hemispherical half-cylinders, filled with frozen mercury metal and subjected to a rotating radio frequency wave form. This added up to trouble, as it created an impressive Antigravity effect but caused serious illness to the nearby scientists ….”

According to Cook’s sources, near the end of the Nazi regime, the scientists who worked at the Czechoslovakian facility were herded to an empty field and shot dead. The equipment, apparatus and documents were boxed up and shipped to parts unknown and disappeared along with SS General Hans Kammler, the general who was in charge at Penemunde, the rocket facility were Dornberger and Von Braun worked. Cook speculates Kammler traded the goods to the US military in exchange for his life.

Even before the end of the war in Germany the US military initiated several programs to acquire Nazi technology finally known as Project Paperclip. In General Curtis LeMay’s autobiography he talks about how shocked the military establishment was that the Germans were so far ahead of us in technological development. It has been estimated that acquisitions from Project Paperclip, most given to American business, were worth something in the vicinity of five billion dollars. To the victor the spoils.

Paperclip blatantly violated US law by marching over three hundred Nazi scientists across the Mexican border into the US to circumvent a law that restricted immigration by Nazi war criminals. Most of the scientist ended up at Patterson AFB in Dayton, Redstone and later White Sands Missile Test Range, just south of a mountain range that separated it from Roswell, NM.

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Eli learned to ride a bike easily. He learned to roller blade easily. He learned to ice skate easily. He learned to ski easily. He learns most physical tasks easily.

After WWI Rudolph Hess entered the University of Munich where he studied political science and came under the influence of the Thule Society, a secret anti-Semitic political organization. He joined the Nazi party in 1920 and participated in the Munich Putsch, along with Hitler, on November 9, 1923. He was imprisoned with Hitler in the Landsberg fortress in 1924 and he became Hitler’s closest personal confidant. While in prison, Hess introduced Hitler to Dietrich Eckart, also a member of the Thule Society as well as a member of a secret inner society, the Vril Society. As most are aware, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while in prison. He dedicated the book to Dietrich Eckart.

The Thule Society was founded in 1918 as an occultist study group for Germanic antiquity. The Thule Society believed a super race had lived in the Northern Countries, near Iceland or Greenland, mentioned by the poet Virgil, and they possessed superhuman powers. (It is interesting to note that when the US set up an air force base in Greenland during WWII they named it Thule Air Force Base.)

The Vril Society was based on information from a book written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton titled, “Vril: The Coming Race,” published in 1870. Some believe it was intended to be a science fiction book. Others took it more literally. The book tells the story of a super race of aliens who were our original ancestors and who may still be on earth today. Vril is supposedly the source of their secret powers.

Whether or not Hitler was ever a member of the Thule Society makes no difference whatsoever. His goal of achieving a race of super humans, his anti-Semitism and even his use of symbols and special words were Thule Society. And there is a remarkable connection between those symbols and words with the Ramayana and the Mahabharata epics.

The word swastika first appears in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. My contemporary copy of the Ramayana from India has a swastika printed on every page. The symbol was scratched on pottery in Mohenjo-daro and Harappa in the Indus Valley where the Aryans, Proto-Indo-Europeans from Persia conquered the indigenous people and established sophisticated cities, agriculture and trade. The symbol was also painted on ancient Sumerian pottery from Ur. The word Aryan first appears in the ancient Indian Rig Veda as “arya'” to describe a conquering race of gods.

When I read Nick Cook’s book, “The Hunt for Zero Point,” in 2002, all the pieces fell together.

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The Real Story

The Real Story

Once Eli asked me if I would steal or even kill in order to live. I told him I wasn’t sure, never having been in such a desperate situation. He assured me he would, without a second thought.

I have resisted the temptation to tell the real story. It is complicated and difficult to tell and I have had to spend considerable time and effort reconstructing it. Above all, one must suspend judgement to fully understand the enormity of this information and its full consequences. Were it fully understood, this story would shake the world, change beliefs and redefine our reality.

Einstein believed the universe was essentially flat. That is, it was neither expanding nor contracting. But his mathematical descriptions of the universe left an annoying unknown numerical quantity he wasn’t able to account for. So, he invented something he called the cosmological constant. Years later the astronomer Hubble, by direct observation, proved the universe is expanding at a certain rate we now call the Hubble Constant. Einstein removed the cosmological constant from his equations and said its invention was the biggest mistake of his life. His real mistake was believing he had made a mistake.

In recent years the cosmological constant has been resurrected in a new form. Astronomers, again by direct observation, have discovered that the universe is not only expanding, its expansion is actually accelerating. There is only one reasonable explanation for this acceleration, negative energy or antigravity energy. Antigravity is now an accepted scientific principle and even NASA is hastily researching the subject in hopes of harnessing this energy for space travel. This idea of antigravity energy is new to science, but not so to ancient civilizations.

The Ramayana, an epic East Indian tale, known and loved from ancient times to the present by many millions of people throughout India, is the story of a battle between the forces of good and evil. The climax, after both armies are nearly decimated, pits the hero, Rama, and the villain, Ravana, in a final battle to the death. The battle is fought in the sky with each flying Puspakas.

A Puspaka is a flying car and the word Puspaka is synonymous with Vimana from the sacred Mahabharata and the Samarangana Sutradhara. There are hundreds of lines of sacred texts that describe such vehicles and Sanskrit texts are filled with references to gods who fought sky battles with weapons as deadly as any we can deploy today.

From the Ramayana:

“The Puspaka car that resembles the sun and belongs to my brother was brought by the powerful Ravana, that aerial and excellent car going everywhere at will ….”

” .. and the King (Rama) got in and the excellent car at the command of the Raghira, rose up into the higher atmosphere.”

There are four types of Puspaka (also known as Vimana, Vihamana, Vailixi and Vihmana) and they are Shakuna, Sundara, Rukma and Tripara. Of the four vehicles one is described as a rotating disk and another a cylindrical, cigar shape. There are also many descriptions of how Vimanas are built and propelled. From the Samarangana Sutradhara:

“Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside, one must put the mercury engine with it iron heating apparatus underneath it. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion a man sitting inside may travel a great distance into the sky. The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of the machines humans can fly into the air and heavenly beings can come down to earth.”

Well and good. But isn’t it just a myth? Apparently, Hitler and his cronies thought otherwise.

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